30 days of


Your guide to more self-love, confidence and happiness

Boost your sense of self-confidence, self-love and your connection with yourself in a very special and powerful way

with 30 days of self-love.

Self-love is the foundation that makes it possible for us to create inner peace, me-time and a happy life.

30 flows, one for each day.

Every flow has a certain theme. 
Some of the themes that are covered, are: Embrace yourself, Self-love as a choice, Opening the heart, The beauty of being fragile, One with the flow, Celebrating desires, and Self-forgiveness.
On each page you find the title of the theme of the day, a flow inspired by this theme and an image that harmonises the whole. In various ways you are stimulated to take in the message and to integrate it.

These flows are able to align you with yourself in a very short period of time.
As a result, you experience more energy, inner strength, relief, comfort, you gain insights,...
You can read them out loud in the morning or take them with you to work or wherever you go.

Self-love is a journey. These 30 days are a beautiful start.
Have you finished all the flows? Start over or save them for later. You can always return to a flow that you find beautiful or helpful, depending on what you need in that moment.
Since every flow has many layers of wisdom, love and transformation power, you can read and say them again and again and thus develop new and deeper layers of yourself... in order to open yourself to your essence.

Self-love is here for you.

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