for the woman looking for her essence

These affirmations are for you if you want to bring loving beliefs into your being in a fast and profound manner.

Boost your self-love every day, open your heart to yourself and see your true beauty thanks to these 48 powerful and loving sentences in first person

Using these sentences, we affirm that which is already present within us. We are not installing anything new. We are accentuating something that is already there, but needs extra care and attention.

These affirmations are like seeds that we activate in the deepest layers of our being. We help them grow by saying them out loud (or silently) and repeating them regularly. When receiving these 48 affirmations, you also get a few extra tips to use them in your own way.

The time is now...

...to empower ourselves as the beautiful creatures that we are.

...to discover and use our true potential.

...to lead our lives in beauty, self-love and pure strength.

Do you want all of this? Do you want more energy, inner strength and connection with yourself, every single day?


These 48 affirmations are all yours, woman looking for her essence.

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