Dear soul, do you know what it's like to be sensitive? Do you enjoy feeling and following your own flow?

Would you like to overcome self-doubt and stand for who you are, having self-confidence and inner peace?

Knowing you are special and free to be you, with all your sensitivities and your unique way of being?

Dive into your own way of being and enjoy it thanks to IN ESSENCE flows.

Words are very powerful. They carry a message that is either positive or negative.

Very positive messages affect us in a most beautiful and profound way.
Think about how positive thoughts, emotions, self-talk and attitudes can alter how we see and experience life.

What if an exceptionally powerful stream of positivity could reach your heart... and truly bring about change in the deepest layers of your inner world?

IN ESSENCE flows are like water: they are rivers of words that flow through you and on their way, dissolve blockages, so that your pure essence can be seen and felt.

Thanks to their cleansing nature, your self-confidence gets a boost and you feel more balanced and at peace.

A flow is a stream of words that arises from a source of pure love, and brings you a message of inspiration, healing and empowerment.

Flows consist of sentences or longer texts. They are like affirmations: they confirm something that is already present within you, but cannot blossom fully because it still needs recognition and empowerment.

Although they are very simple in terms of structure and language use, they represent a wealth of wisdom, healing and pure magic.

Born in the heart of pure love, these flows are designed to heal you on the very deepest levels of your existence.

Back to your essence.

Below you find a number of flows that are available for you to enjoy, with a description of their specific goal and content.

If you are a health professional, you may use the flows creatively in your sessions with clients or for your own inspiration.

Are you an entrepreneur and do you want some help with bringing out your message? I am happy to support you in shaping the texts for your website, social media or your own products.
Do you want a flow for invitations to an event, birth announcement cards, weddings vows, a special message for a loved one,...
Send an e-mail to so we can take a look at your wishes.

For examples of flows, visit my blog.

Would you like to listen to a flow? Click here.





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