Are you looking for inner peace and more self-confidence?

Doing guided meditations is a beautiful way of strengthening your connection with yourself and develop your trust in yourself, your inner sense of calmness, your feeling-at-home and your balance.

Guided meditations pave the way to yourself: they guide you to that place within you where you can completely be yourself, with all that is you.

Guided meditations are mentors, bringers of inspiration, and a source of empowerment for your peacefulness and personal growth.

They remind you of how important you are, and how precious your connection is with yourself.

All IN ESSENCE guided meditations are accompanied by soft background music to enhance the sensation of peace and create an atmosphere of harmony, along with Steffi's voice.

Every meditation has the power to offer you healing, and they do so to the extent you want them to. They respect you as you are. They guide you in a non-compulsory manner towards a place beautifully close to yourself, where you long to be.

They bring you truth and strength, compassion and softness.

Listening to these meditations, you will experience your unique mix of emotions, thoughts, insights and sensations. That is beautiful and also the purpose!

Let's reconnect with your essence.

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​This is what Katia says about her IN ESSENCE meditation, that she won after participating in the Self-love challenge:

I am so happy with the meditation; Steffi knows how to say the right words. Both her voice and the words that she uses, bring peace. After the meditation I feel remarkably more relaxed, blissful! I would recommend it to everyone!







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