Personal flow

With greatest love

for the stream of your heart

To receive a personal flow is very special.
It is a stream of words that is aligned with your unique way of being and is therefore perfectly tuned into your needs.
Your personal flow comes forth from a source of love and goodness and comes into existence only and just for you.
Thanks to its purifying nature you feel more deeply connected with yourself and you let go of any blockages.
It is a very powerful instrument that can support you on your path towards more self-confidence, self-love and all the goodness you want to manifest in your life.
For more information about flows, click here.

How does it work?
Send an e-mail to with your full name and 3-5 key words that resonate with who you are right now. As an alternative, you can also describe in a few sentences what you are struggling with or in which area of your life you'd like to grow right now.
These words and the message behind them will be integrated into your flow so that you are empowered as the person that you are.

Then I send you a confirmation that I have received your message and I invite you to make your financial contribution. You can do so by clicking on 'Order your flow' below or directly via the webshop. Once I have received your payment, I tune in and let your flow arise.
You receive a pdf-document with a flow written in first person.

Get back into your own river and go with the flow.

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