Flow A woman like a rock

Bijgewerkt: 20 okt 2019

I let go of my wings of perfection and stand up for who I am.

When I'm upset, I'm upset. When I yell, I yell. When I'm sad, I'm sad. When I'm indifferent, I'm indifferent.

I stay true to myself, no matter the circumstances. I don't compromise at the expense of my happiness.

I listen to my heart even when the world screams that I'm wrong.

My mission is important and I take myself seriously.

I am not afraid to walk down the road less traveled.

I am the biggest truth I have ever heard.

I am elegant, I am wild. I dance, I fight. I am free, I am me. I do whatever I want. I embrace and honour my diversity. I respect all aspects of my woman-ness.

No one puts out my fire. I am a sacred bundle of light. This is my life. This is my flow.

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