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From death to rebirth

Bijgewerkt: 29 nov 2018

I launched my website and business on 21 November, my grandfather’s birthday, of the year 2018. My beloved grandfather passed away on 20 November 2018. Although it hurt my heart that he didn’t live to be 92 years old, I also sensed an invitation to respect this symbol of life and death.

I wish to celebrate his life, and his beautiful presence in mine. I will always remember his support, his strength and his inner beauty.

Our loved ones nourish us in a way that is unique and profound. The seeds that they plant in our hearts, can never be destroyed. Although I feel very sad because I miss my grandfather, I also feel very grateful and happy because of all the nourishment I have received and continue to receive from him. Seeds grow and become life forms, that we can take care of and allow to grow bigger and bigger. They can brighten up the garden of our heart.

I found it helpful to respect the old life form that my grandfather had been in my life, and let my heart be moved by the new life form he has taken on.

What will stay with me forever, is his presence and his voice in my heart. The internalized, inner voice of our lost loved ones will always remain with us. No matter how sick they were, no matter how much they had changed towards the end of their life, remember their essence.

If we find it in our hearts to connect with their eternal essence within us, we free ourselves from deep grief and desperation.

How do we allow a lost loved one to live on?

You could wonder: what did I learn from this person? What did we usually do together? How did this person move my heart? How did he or she make me smile? How did my loved one strengthen me?

When you connect with the experiences, feelings, sensations and memories coming forth from these questions, you will discover a great treasure within yourself.

This is the presence of your lost loved one in your heart and every aspect of your life.

Their essence lives on forever.

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