To the woman looking for her essence

Bijgewerkt: 20 okt 2019

Beloved woman,

You are truly loved! You are loved so much more than you think.

The way in which you make both ends meet.

How you use your heart to do the best thing for everyone.

How you create connection where separation prevails.

How you dare to feel, and allow this feeling to be the guideline in your life.

How courageous you are.

Your strength runs so very deep.

Maybe your gestures aren't always seen.

Sometimes you are behind the scenes repairing and healing things, in a way only you can do this.

You are special, sweet woman, believe it!

In a world that evolves quickly and sometimes steps on the heart... it requires tons of courage to be your own feeling, vulnerable and authentic self.

A woman who is in touch with her essence, moves mountains!

Just by being there.

Know and trust that your efforts, your contributions... are seen and appreciated.

Your presence has a special meaning here on earth.

I see you!


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