The painting 'Inner growth' was created in the autumn of 2018.

It helps you connect with that place within yourself where you find the seeds of who you are, and that bring your unique personality, talents and qualities to full expression.

It offers you support and at the same time invites you to overcome limiting thoughts or feelings that weigh you down.
It makes you more aware of how colourful you are inside. 

'Inner growth' is lively, charming, rich and grounded.

If you choose this painting, you will receive a personalised reproduction of the original painting. The structure, the colours and the content remain more or less the same, however the message depends on your personality and wishes.

In this way I respect the flow that is part of the creation process and your uniqueness.

Below you find the original painting and the personalised version, aligned with a specific person and their needs.

'Inner growth'

Original painting

'Inner growth'

Personal painting

Het schilderij dat ik heb is een kopie van datgene in de praktijk. Van in het begin was ik enorm aangetrokken tot dit schilderij. Het kleurenpalet spreekt mij enorm aan en als ik er naar kijk heb ik het gevoel dat iemand mij ondersteunt en dat er licht is op het einde van de tunnel. De accenten van mijn schilderij zijn dikker geschilderd waardoor dat gevoel nog sterker wordt. Nog steeds zeer tevreden van mijn aankoop.

~ Eveline

Do you also want to receive your unique Inner growth painting?

I can't wait to get started!

The size of the painting is 80 x 100 cm. Your investment in your painting is €330.

If you're interested, send an e-mail to and give me, if you wish, 5 key words that describe who you are and/or what you feel you need right now (eg stability, tenderness,...).

I will hold these intentions as I paint in order to create high resonance between you and your painting.

You can pick up your finished painting for free in Kortenberg, near the cities of Brussels and Leuven.
If you prefer shipping, you make an additional financial contribution, depending on your destination.
The fee 
includes shipping costs and costs of packaging and protective materials. By entering your destination before making your payment, the applicable fee is automatically calculated.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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